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Terms and Conditions for ezpzbux.com

Updated: March 11th 2020

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using ezpzbux.com or any of its services. Your access to and use of any service provided by ezpzbux.com is conditioned by users acceptance and compliance with these Terms. All Terms and conditions apply to all visitors and users of the ezpzbux.com and/or any of its partners and services.

1. Usage of accounts on ezpzbux.com
1.0 When logging into ezpzbux.com visitors and users automatically accept the terms and conditions when using ezpzbux.com or any of its services.
1.1 Your account is personal and may not be used by another individual.
1.2 Accounts are limited to your email account.
1.4 If you are inactive for more than 3 months we reserve the right to set your balance to 0.
1.5 You are only allowed to withdraw to your own email.
1.6 Users will be banned from ezpzbux.com in the case of any chargebacks, mods and administrators might offer alternative solutions in terms of account resets etc.
1.7 ezpzbux.com can at any time terminate the users account
1.8 New registrations from the same IP will be denied and system may auto ban for multi accounts
1.9 Using multiple IP addresses for one account may end with your account being suspended due to fraudulent activities 

2. Earning Money
2.0 All users have the possibility to earn coins on ezpzbux.com
2.1 All users must provide correct information to ezpzbux.com and its partners.
2.2 ezpzbux.com reserves the right to exclude any user that is violating our terms and conditions.
2.3 ezpzbux.com reserves the right to make adjustments in any user balance in case of any implications with users balance. This could be due to chargebacks etc. This usually result in an account reset!
2.4 ezpzbux.com reserves the right to hold back users coins up to 60 days before allowing a withdraw. This could be done to prevent chargebacks etc.
2.5 Surveys and Offers are designed to each individual user and is depended on demographics and geographical location so any kind of IP-address manipulation (Such as Proxy, VPN, public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots (Like xfinity, Xcom etc. ) is strictly prohibited and will be punished with a permanent ban from ezpzbux.com. This can either be detected by ezpzbux.com or our ad providers and will without any exceptions result in a permanent ban.
2.6 Our RR system is setup so that you may need to recycle some referrals to get a completed set of clickers, this is why the recycling system is activated so members can create a good download of Referrals.

3. Withdrawals
3.0 When have earned sufficient amount of coins, users may use coins to withdraw. ( Currently $2 withdrawal - Website will be moving to coins shortly )
3.1Make sure you have your full name in the account details or your payment will be refunded and you will need to wait for payout period to end.
3.2 It is the users own responsibility to select their desired payment method correctLy.
3.3 ezpzbux.com does not offer any refunds or return of withdrawals.
3.4 Some offers may take time to release to Your account. 
3.5 Withdrawals can take up to 7 days to process but are normally completed sooner.
3.6 Members must post payment proofs on the forum to receive there next payment. If payment is requested without payment proof submitted, funds will be refunded and user must then wait the payout period again.
3.7 If your payment has been refunded it may be for many reasons, the main reason we notice is incomplete names in the full name section of your account, please create a support ticket to resolve.

4. Help and contact
4.0 If any doubt users can help can be accessed through our help tab, where lots of questions is being answered (Including Missing Points & Tutorials).
4.1 If you have any further questions regarding ezpzbux.com, press on the support button or write in the chat. We are always trying to answer questions and support tickets as fast as possible.

5. Forum
5.1 You are not allowed to post any pornographic material whatsoever in the chat.
5.2 You are not allowed to spam in chat (post referal links/codes etc).
5.3 In general be nice to everyone and not racial - Moderators and Admins always have the final decision on whether or not you violate these terms!