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Changes to the website
Published on Mar 21st, 2020 03:13 am


Hey everyone,

We are currently in beta launch as you may of heard and some things may be subject to change over the course of the next three months,

Today we have made some very steady change to the site so that we can keep flight and move forward to improving the all around earnings on ezpzbux,

We notice that not many members are using our offerwalls to create revenue for themselves and would pledge that Members please increase their usage on these brilliant streams of revenue so that we can work on a steady growth on this website,


- Must Click For Refferals
- 2 x New Memberships
- View Ads Value Changed ( check memberships )
- BTC & LTC Added For Deposits


New Way To Earn
Published on Mar 17th, 2020 07:50 am

Hello my lovely members (hi)

Today we are proud to announce our new AdPacks have arrived on EZPZBUX (rock)

This first campaign will run for 90 Days and allow you to earn for free while getting some well deserved advertisements out on our website (heart)

The launch of AdPacks will push back the creation of memberships until our first campaign is running but we are sure that once we hit our goal in 3 months we can really start to bring our members some well deserved earnings and freebies.

Each $15 AdPack Will Include;

250 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)

25 PTSU Credits (Upon purchase)

25000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)

75000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)

25000 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase)

7 Login Ad Credits (Upon purchase)

100 Points (Upon purchase)

Receive $0.22 for 90 days

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the offerwalls and depositing for advertisements it has been a great start and we are looking long into the future (handshake)




One Week Deposit Bonus
Published on Mar 09th, 2020 08:50 am


First of all we would like to thank the 400+ members who have joined in the past 4 days of us launching, we appreciate the support and we hope to see you all on the forums chatting away 

With the new week approaching and some better ideas for the website we want to offer our members an early bird depositing special that will surly be a one time offer,

Think about when we add options such as memberships and adpacks when you read threw this because this is exactly why we are offering this bonus as a one time offer,

 Below is a list of bonuses you can jump on 

Deposit $5.00 get ;
5 PTSU Credits
150 PTC Credits
1000 Banner Credits
1000 featured ad Credits
1000 featured link Credits
And we will throw in 5% Cashback

Deposit $10.00 get ;
10 PTSU Credits
250 PTC Credits
2500 Banner Credits
2500 featured ad Credits
2500 featured link Credits
And we will throw in 6% Cashback

Deposit $25.00 get ;
25 PTSU Credits
500 PTC Credits
5000 Banner Credits
5000 featured ad Credits
5000 featured link Credits
And we will throw in 7% Cashback

Deposit $50.00 get ;
50 PTSU Credits
1000 PTC Credits
10000 Banner Credits
10000 featured ad Credits
10000 featured link Credits
And we will throw in 8% Cashback

 After you deposit please open a ticket so we can process your order correctly , Cashback will be added to your purchase balance for future purchases on our site, 

Members are allowed to participate more than once, so if you feel like taking advantage of this offer multiple times just open one ticket per deposit,

 Offer valid till 16-3-2020

Happy advertising 


Published on Mar 06th, 2020 06:26 pm


For the first weekend you will notice a huge increase on offerwall earnings as we will be turning profits up 20% on each wall for the next three days 

We want to see how active our users can be, we will keep the wall or walls that are most attractive to or members on a 20% increase for another month after we assess what wall or walls are best 

So start working on AdscendMedia and while we work hard to bring wannads and offertoro to you,

We hope you enjoy the earnings 



Published on Feb 17th, 2020 10:08 am

Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining ezpzbux, the new way for gamers to earn and claim !

This website is currently in BETA launch and will be experiencing changes threw out this period,

We appreciate your patience and hope that you can continue to earn here while we significantly upgrade along the way

Currently all meberships are diabled while we work on adding more options to the website,

We can hopfully have memberships launched in the six month period giving people a chance to first get direct refferals to their account thus progressing your earnings in the long run

Please stay tuned for upgrades as they come we will be noting this in out NEWS messages so please read them is you see a new one

If you have any ideas for our site please don't hesitate to mestion this in the forums, we need to know what members want the most so we can add everything in accordingly

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and joining the new era of EZPZBUX