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Website Visions
Published on Jul 05th, 2020 09:12 am

Hey everyone (tmi),

Over the weekend as we had already mentioned we were in deep discussion on how we may move this website forward and make sure that we are not paying people who are cheating our system, we feel that in the end most people, who are  abusing our system will alway stay on free accounts and just claim as much as they can before getting caught ( we have already caught many on multiple accounts )

Well we have had enough of this and feel that if we don’t figure out a solution to this then we let the cheaters win,

From now on anybody who would like withdrawals will need to be upgraded, people who are cheating us and are worried about getting caught will not waste there time on an account they have to pay for especially if we are going to ban them for doing the wrong thing,

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused members but we can not continue to be cheated and used while no one is even doing offerwalls or putting up there own advertisements, this is a business,  it a giveaway,


Website Changes
Published on Jun 27th, 2020 04:47 am

Hello everyone,

Today we have been on a heavy discussion with our team to try and find more ways for our members to feel good about deposits and using our offerwalls on our website,

Due to the lack of upgrades and ads being purchased we feel like we need to ask members to deposit before they can withdraw, as we do not want to do this we ask kindly that our members please take into consideration that all of our payments out have been purely out of our pocket as we have received nothing from adwall, PTP's or anything like this.

We would like to give everyone on this site a chance before we start implementing rules like this, we feel that reaching out to the members might do greater good before we start making huge changes that may effect your earnings,

We hope that people can read this post and understand it from a PTC business point of view, we would hate to have to remove all ads on ad wall and only have ads that members purchase,


Brand new ways to withdraw
Published on May 29th, 2020 08:22 am

Hello my lovely members


Today we are proud to announce that BTC and LTC have been added for both Deposit and withdrawal options,


We are working hard to bring other options for these functions but we hope you can be happy with the progress we have today,


Let us know what you think on the forum thread




PayPal payments, we’re did they go?
Published on May 17th, 2020 10:00 am

Hey everyone,

PayPal have strict rules compared to other payment processors, 

Due to the fact we are running games and adpacks paypal have decided to limit our account and ask us to remove there payment processors from our website,

We will be looking for alternative ways to pay members now due to this unfortunate miss understanding,

Over the next few weeks we will be looking into members being able to claim gift cards and also trying to add other ways for us to pay, 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our members!


Website migration and SSL information
Published on May 02nd, 2020 05:41 am

Hey there 

Today we embarked on a new way to provide you the best solution in Advertising and revenue raising online,

Our prior host was not updated enough and they really could not provide the kind of service we needed to establish the business we were looking to grow 

Threw out the next week we will be moving towards adding the NEW SSL certificate so we can run this securely but we assure you there is no hanky panky in the mean time we just did not have the time to complete all of these task's at once, including all the other features we are adding this is all adding up and very time consuming 

Please run the website with http instead of https ; for the next four days so that you don’t get that annoying warning pop up on you all the time.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this is causing to peoples earnings but assure you this is a good move for us for the long run and the future of this website 

We will add some bonus's over the next few weeks to make up for this and we hope you can all understand 



find this topic on the forum

Traffic Exchange and Point System
Published on Apr 20th, 2020 05:04 pm

Explication on how we are moving forward for these two processors

Hey everyone 

Traffic Exchange

We have been working hard to bring you the traffic exchange and allowing members to add there own websites,

After doing some work on our template we are now able to direct our users to a page to add there own websites, so feel free to start adding your websites and growing the list so we can eventually start adding bonus”s for sits viewed, we will will also be adding some websites to keep the list growing, as soon as the list reaches 100 we can then start implementing free stuff for your views 

To find out all the useful information about this your may see on the memberships upgrade page on page view times and point earnings,

To add your own website it’s simple, view other peoples websites in our traffic exchange and earn points or head over to our store and purchase yourself some TE Credits and allocate the points after validation of your website (tmi)

Point System

After a long though process on how we should run the point system we have decided to make it forum based,

All forum post will earn points and this will then be swappable for purchasable balance, after a user has completed 10,000 points they can then make themselves $1 in purchase balance,

We want to encourage a thriving community in our forums and we feel this is the way to do so, 

please feel free to start topics and express yourself freely but with the knowledge of our TOS and to follow the rules accordingly.

To find out the point amounts earned per post and for other point related earnings you can also find this on the memberships page, this will be updated in the next few days to list what you can earn points for currently and things may be added in the future,

We hope that our progression in making our website better and improving certain aspects is making our member happy (hi)



Comment here if you have any thoughts

Published on Apr 17th, 2020 03:21 pm

(party) WELCOME TO THE APRIL 100% PARTY (dance)


For the whole weekend you will notice a huge increase on the AdscendMedia earnings as we will be turning profits up 100% on this wall for the next three days (handshake)


We want to see how active our users can be, use this opportunity to increase you earning for membership upgrades and or RR or even just pull it out (heart)


So start working on AdscendMedia to have a great earning experience (cash)


We hope you enjoy the earnings (tmi)



EZPZBUX Admin (party)

Gearing Up The Website
Published on Apr 02nd, 2020 09:56 pm


Hey everyone 

Last night and tonight we have been working very hard to bring you some updates on the website and we hope you are pleased with the progress,

Although we have changed the referral clicks around we wanted to make sure members knew we were in this for the long run so we started to create our memberships while we installed some other spicy addons 

Here are a list of our updates ;

Crack The Vault 
Traffic Exchange 

We hope that these memberships excite our members as it does us 

The crack the vault game was just another fun thing to add for our users to earn money 

The traffic exchange, well, this is a big one, with this we will be implementing cash for surf, we hope members can get ready to promote, because we will need a large amount of websites in rotation for earnings to commence,

We thank you all for working hard with us and supporting the mission to become a great PTC website in these rough global times 


New Game - Crack the vault
Published on Apr 01st, 2020 06:29 am

======== NEW GAME ========







Changes TO Referral Earning Clicks
Published on Mar 28th, 2020 09:41 am

Hi everyone (yes)


Please be aware to changes for referral earnings, we are currently looking at a high volume of clicks for these earnings to keep our AdWall strong and long lasting,


We hope you can understand these changes and know that this is for a strong and healthy website for both advertisers and earnings alike,


Please don't be shy to post your thoughts and give us advise as we grow our website into the Advertisement and Earning Paradise we wish to be,