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Hello my lovely members

Today we are proud to announce our new AdPacks have arrived on EZPZBUX

This first campaign will run for 90 Days and allow you to earn for free while getting some well deserved advertisements out on our website

The launch of AdPacks will push back the creation of memberships until our first campaign is running but we are sure that once we hit our goal in 3 months we can really start to bring our members some well deserved earnings and freebies,

We hope that having the deposit bonus will help you get the AdPacks you so deserve

Each $15 AdPack Will Include;

250 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
25 PTSU Credits (Upon purchase)
25000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
75000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
25000 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase)
7 Login Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
100 Points (Upon purchase)
Receive $0.22 for 90 days

First of all, why have we added these?
It’s simple, we wanted to create a revenue stream for our members that will be easy to earn from while feeling safe about it, we want you to know we are committed to our obligations and you will never feel otherwise,

Secondly, How will they function?
We are currently mining cryptocurrency with ASIC hardware from our business location, all AdPack proceeds will go towards adding more equipment to our farm thus growing our revenue and passing some of the earnings along,

We are currently mining with a company called AntPool and will proceed to mine there for the near future as they have great confirmation rates and this means more money earned

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the offerwalls and depositing for advertisements it has been a great start and we are looking long into the future

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Good luck