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Started by Admin Jun 27th, 2020 at 04:47
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Hello everyone,

Today we have been on a heavy discussion with our team to try and find more ways for our members to feel good about deposits and using our offerwalls on our website,

Due to the lack of upgrades and ads being purchased we feel like we need to ask members to deposit before they can withdraw, as we do not want to do this we ask kindly that our members please take into consideration that all of our payments out have been purely out of our pocket as we have received nothing from adwall, PTP's or anything like this.

We would like to give everyone on this site a chance before we start implementing rules like this, we feel that reaching out to the members might do greater good before we start making huge changes that may effect your earnings,

We hope that people can read this post and understand it from a PTC business point of view, we would hate to have to remove all ads on ad wall and only have ads that members purchase,

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Dear admin, I think I will express the point of view of everyone, you have a good box, but unfortunately the pricing policy of updating the accounting policy is very unprofitable, enter the account update monthly and you will immediately gain status. Thank you for your cooperation!
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It's not fair, min deposit $5?
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Pongan puntos de retiros para retira