Traffic Exchange and Point System

Started by Admin Apr 20th, 2020 at 17:02
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Hey everyone

Traffic Exchange
We have been working hard to bring you the traffic exchange and allowing members to add there own websites,

After doing some work on our template we are now able to direct our users to a page to add there own websites, so feel free to start adding your websites and growing the list so we can eventually start adding bonus”s for sits viewed, we will will also be adding some websites to keep the list growing, as soon as the list reaches 100 we can then start implementing free stuff for your views

To find out all the useful information about this your may see on the memberships upgrade page on page view times and point earnings,

To add your own website it’s simple, view other peoples websites in our traffic exchange and earn points or head over to our store and purchase yourself some TE Credits and allocate the points after validation of your website

Point System

After a long though process on how we should run the point system we have decided to make it forum based,

All forum post will earn points and this will then be swappable for purchasable balance, after a user has completed 10,000 points they can then make themselves $1 in purchase balance,

We want to encourage a thriving community in our forums and we feel this is the way to do so,

please feel free to start topics and express yourself freely but with the knowledge of our TOS and to follow the rules accordingly.

To find out the point amounts earned per post and for other point related earnings you can also find this on the memberships page, this will be updated in the next few days to list what you can earn points for currently and things may be added in the future,

We hope that our progression in making our website better and improving certain aspects is making our member happy

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